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FEDCAR’s Endorsement of ADEE’s Competencies for the Graduating European Dentist 

While the EU reflects on a possible Joint European Degree and on new recommendations to Member States on the Insurance Quality of Higher Education that could be of mutual benefit to both the European Education Area and the European Union of Health, the members of FEDCAR on 24 November 2023 were keen to commit a declaration of adherence to the professional competencies presented in a ADEE document entitled the « Graduating European Dentist ».

Extracts from the document :

1°Challenge. The quality of dental and other oral health professionals education is of importance for the patient’s safety. The Law obliges.

2°Initiative. ADEE has been developping since 2007 guidance in that direction entitled the « Graduating European Dentist ». They define the Profile and Competences of the European Dentist.

3°Added value. They go further than the mandatory 1978 « Study programme for dental practitioners » laid down in EU law. They are built in order i.a. to help national accrediting bodies in charge of assessing the quality in academic programmes to focuss on all the expected competences in a XXIst century, especially the hands on clinical competences need by oral healthcare professionals as they graduate.

4°Announcement. Today dental regulators gathered within the FEDCAR federation formally endorses this profile of the Graduating European Dentist”.

Next. In endorsing the ADEE guidelines, FEDCAR recommends to its European members – including candidate countries – and partners the national use of the “Graduating European Dentist”, whether by the regulator itself or the accreditation body in charge of the dental education.

In this way, ADEE and FEDCAR remain committed to ensuring the highest level of oral health care for all citizens of Europe.