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“Globally, the number of patients with oral diseases outstrips the total number of patients with the five most prevalent non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as mental illness, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, chronic respiratory disease and cancer, by almost 1bn”.


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Two new members and two new observers have decided to join the federation’s work of dental regulators and competent authorities in Europe :

  • the Dental Chamber of Kosovo-Stomatoloska Komora Kosova
  • the Dental Chamber of North-Macedonia- Оda Stomatologie e Maqedonisë 
  • the Dental Chamber of Romania-Colegiul Medicilor Stomatologi din România
  • the Dental Society of Switzerland-Société Suisse des Médecins-Dentistes
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A 3-point answer (translation of an article originally published in French on 14 February 2024).

Last autumn researchers involved in a major European project (J.Dixon and colleagues, including S.Tubert-Jeannin, V.Roger-Leroi & S. Vital) published a survey on the training of dentists in Europe (1,2). The survey is available online and is entitled « O-HEALTH-EDU: A viewpoint into the current state of Oral Health Professional education in Europe »(available on-line : part 1, part 2). 

Professor Tubert-Jeannin (Department of Oral Public Health, University of Clermont Auvergne, France), who is coordinating the project, explains the significance of this study.

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What is FEDCAR?

FEDCAR is the Federation of European Dental Competent Authorities and Regulators.

We bring together European orders and bodies responsible for the regulation, the registration and the supervision of dental practitioners. We share information and good practices on the regulation of dentists and aim at promoting common positions to the EU legislator regarding initiatives and legislation at European level which affect the regulation of dental professionals.

Spring meeting in Roma, May 2022, under the chair of the FNOMCeO/Federazione Nazionale degli Ordini dei Medici Chirurghi e degli Odontoiatri.
FEDCAR members gathered in Trogir in May 2024, along with academics from the association of dental education in Europe (ADEE) and from the dental faculty of Split, under the chair of the Croatian Dental Chamber/Hrvatska komora dental medicine.
Délégués de la FEDCAR avec les représentants invités du monde académique (ADEE) et estudiantin (EDSA), accueillis par l’Ordre national des chirurgiens-dentistes, Paris, novembre 2023.


FEDCAR is the Federation of Europeen Dental Competent Autorities and Regulators bringing together European chambers, councils and public bodies responsible for the regulation, the registration and the supervision of dental practitioner. Following informal meetings since 2000, FEDCAR – under the former name of “CODE” – was formally created on the 3rd April 2004 by the Roma Declaration. The mission of Regulators and Competent Authorities is to ensure at the domestic level that practitioners cope with their professional duty and deontology. Contrary to associations or trades, Regulators and Competent Authorities in FEDCAR deal with any practitioner whatever is the form of his or her exercise: company, independent worker, employed worker in hospital or in university, general practitioner or specialist.

Our Objectives, Code & Position Papers

FEDCAR’s objectives are:
  • > To promote patient safety across Europe
  • > To promote a high standard of dental regulation and of dental care in Europe
  • > To contribute to the safe facilitation of dental professional mobility within the EU
Our Code of Conduct details this threefold concern. The Code is available on a permanent basis on this site (see the sections at the beginning of the web-site). We also share information and good practices on the regulation of dentists and we aim to develop opinions and statements on new initiatives and legislation at European level which affect the regulation of dental professionals. In 2016 our position-paper regards the risks associated with the use of tooth whitening without dental supervision in Europe. In 2017 our position-papers regard :
  • the use by dental regulators of the Alert Mechanism in Europe regarding sanctions adopted against a dental practitioner (in English and in French languages);
  • the exclusion of Public Health professions from the scope of application of draft Directive on a proportionality test before adoption of new regulation of professions, or alternatively, a more balanced approach in this draft Directive of the specificity of Public Health professions as the Legislator already did in other pieces of EU legislation (in English and in French languages).
On an individual basis, members have also participated to Healthcare Professionals Crossing Borders‘ initiatives that led to the Portugal Agreement in 2007 and to the major Edinburgh Agreement in 2005 focussing on registration and disciplinary information exchange between health regulators.


FEDCAR’s Secretariat is located in Brussels, hosted by the French Chamber of Dentists. FEDCAR holds two plenary meetings a year: a Spring meeting in the country which holds the Presidency and an Autumn meeting in Paris. For further information on FEDCAR & on the conditions for joining it, please contact: info@fedcar.eu.

Members of the FEDCAR board

  • Dr Hrvoje Pezo

    Chair of FEDCAR

    President of the Dental Chamber of Croatia / Hrvatska komora dentalne medicine 

  • Dr Massimo Ferrero

    General Secretary of FEDCAR

    Former President for 2022


  • Dr Oscar Castro Président de la FEDCAR pour l'année 2023
    Dr Oscar Castro
    Chair of FEDCAR for 2023 Vice-president for 2024
    President of Spanish Dental Council/Consejo Dentistas
  • Dr Marie-Anne Baudui-Maurel
    Treasurer of FEDCAR
    Vice-President of French Dental Chamber

Country’s members & partners

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Albania Order of dentists of Albania Dr Nikoll Deda President info@ussh.org.al
Belgium Conseil de l’art dentaire Mme Aurélie Somer Président du Conseil de l’art dentaire Expert Coordination stratégique des Professions de santé aurelie.somer@health.fgov.be Steinberg Pascale pascale.steinberg@sante.belgique.be
Bosnia Dental Chamber of Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina Prim. Muhić stom.komora@lsinter.net
Croatia Croatian Dental Chamber Jasminka Polic Secretary General hkd@hkdm.hr
France Conseil National de l’Ordre des Chirurgiens-dentistes www.oncd.org Dr Marie-Anne Baudui-Maurel Vice-President in charge of Europe marie-anne.baudoui-maurel@oncd.org
Hungary Egészségügyi Engedélyezési és Közigazgatási Hivatal (Office of Health Authorisation and Administrative Procedures) www.eekh.hu Zsolt Bélteki Head of Department (Migration and Human Resources Methodology) belteki.zsolt@enkk.hu
Ireland Dental Council of Ireland dentalcouncil.ie David O’Flynn Registrar doflynn@dentalcouncil.ie
Italy Federazione Nazionale Degli Ordini Dei Medici Chirurghi E Dgli Odontoiatri www.fnomceo.itDr Massimo Ferrero Delegato ferreromassim o@virgilio.it
Luxembourg Collège médical du Grand Duché www.collegemedical.luDr Tom Ulveling Chargé des Relations avec la FEDCAR tulvelin@pt.lu
Malta Medical Council of Malta Dr David Muscat President empire@maltanet.net
Monaco Collège des Chirurgiens-dentistes Dr Alain Brombal drbrombal@monaco.mc
Portugal Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas www.omd.pt Dr Miguel Pavão President bastonario@omd.pt
Slovenia Zdravniška zbornica Slovenije (Medical Chamber of Slovenia) www.zdravniskazbornica.si Matjaž GorkičStaš Stanislav Naglič Members Anja.Bergant@zzs-mcs.si
Spain Illustro consejo general de odontologos y estomatologos de Espana Dr. Miguel Angel López-Andrade Jurado & Dr. Nacho Rodríguez Ruiz Past Chair of FEDCAR consejo@infomed.es
United Kingdom General Dental Council www.gdc-uk.org Rebeca Cooper
 Policy Manager policyinbox@gdc-uk.org
Denmark National Board of Health
Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed (The Danish Patient Safety Authority) Sara Schrøder Chefkonsulent, tandlæge (Dental Officer) saps@sst.dk
Estonia Healthcare Board www.tervishoiuamet.ee
Norway Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel www.helsedirektoratet.noHeidi Therese Nordstrøm Senior Adviser/ seniorrådgiver/ jurist & avdeling autorisasjon Heidi.Therese.Nordstrom@helsedir.no
Slovakia Chamber of DentistsMrs Simona Dianiskova Vice-President simonadianiskova@gmail.com
Sweden The Department of Regulations and Licences SOCIALSTYRELSEN (The National Board of Health and Welfare)www.socialstyrelsen.se
Switzerland Office Fédéral de la Formation Professionnelle et de la Technologie www.bbt.admin.ch
Official to be confirmed Coordinator for diplomas recognition xx.xx@bbt.admin.ch
Switzerland Société Suisse d’Odonto-stomatologie
Representative to be confirmed xx.xx@bag.admin.ch
Roumania Andreea Munteanu CMSR Conselor andreea.munteanu@cmsr.ro secretariat@cmsr.ro https://cmsr.ro
North Macedonia Marijan Denkovski President, Macedonian Dental Chamber dentalmakedonija@gmail.com skm@skm.km www.sk.mk
Kosovo Blerim Kamberi President of Dental Chamber of Kosova blerim.kamberi@osk-ks.org www.osk-ks.org

Code of Conduct of FEDCAR for European Dentists

“Compliance with the professional rules regarding, in particular, the independence, dignity and honor of the profession, professional secrecy and fairness towards clients and other members of the profession” is a principle that is recognized by the EU judge and that is encouraged by the EU legislator. The FEDCAR’s members have therefore agreed with common rules of conduct that should run a dentist’s professional activity anywhere in Europe.




EU Office Conseil national de l’ordre des chirurgiens-dentistes Chambre française de commerce et de l’industrie 8 avenue des Arts 1210 Bruxelles – Belgium – +32 2 506 88 44

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