According to the last Eurostat survey, “In 2021, the situation for dental care was similar though slightly worse than the unmet medical needs, as 4.4% of the children living in households with children didn’t receive the dental care they needed”.

This is a slight increase, compared to 2017.

“Looking at data for all EU countries, 11 registered a percentage of children with unmet dental care needs above the EU average”.

The sociology is not ignored and “This percentage was higher in households with one adult”.

“In 2021, among the EU members, the highest shares of children with unmet needs for dental care living in households with children were registered in Latvia (7.7%), followed by Spain (7.1%), Hungary (7.0%), Slovenia (6.8%), and Portugal (6.4%)”.

“At the bottom of the scale, the lowest shares were registered in Luxembourg (0.6%), Croatia (0.8%), Sweden (1.1%), and Austria and Italy (both with 1.2%)”.