The Association for Dental Education in Europe (A.D.E.E.) and the Federation of European Dental Regulators (F.E.D.C.A.R.) welcome the W.H.A.’s adoption on 24 May of the global oral health strategy. They look forward to feeding the W.H.O.’s consultation in the coming weeks that will lay the ground for the Action Plan in charge of detailing and implementing this strategy in the very diverse national context of the 194 Member States of the World Health Assembly.

« This lanmark strategy is only a start. There is a lot ahead of us – and within a limited time- to integrate these orientations into ‘adequate’ curricula and training programmes, as the strategy plans it. Acamedics are designed as ‘key stakeholders’ in this strategy and the regularly updated A.D.E.E.’s « profile and competencies » of the European oral health professionals will indeed be a key compass to set up this future », says Dr Pål Barkvoll, chair of A.D.E.E. and dean of Oslo University.

« This historic move from the WHA will shape the future competences of the ‘dentists and mid-level oral health care providers’ targetted by the strategy. National ‘legislative and regulatory policies for the licensing and accreditation of the health workforce’ will evolve, as the strategy underlines it. In compliance with their mission of guaranteeing patient’s safety, dental regulators will be anxious to accompany professional evolutions in Europe of the dental team with the supervision of the dentist, says Dr Massimo Ferrero, chair of F.E.D.C.A.R. and president of the dental commission of Aosta in the Italian regulator F.N.O.M.C.e.O. 

A.D.E.E. and F.E.D.C.A.R. will pay attention to integrate this W.H.O. global oral health strategy into their activities when engaging with the European Union.