For the first time, the European associations of teachers (ADEE), students (EDSA), practitioners (CED) and dental regulators (FEDCAR) along with the Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe have joined forces to sign a joint declaration : the possibility to deliver a clinical training in times of pandemic is the concern that unites them.

Note that few months later, in December 2021, the EDSA published its study : “Impact of COVID-19 on dental education in Europe: The students’ perspective which aims at identifying “students’ perception regarding the measures taken to adapt during the pandemic by different dental schools in the European Region”.

Since in its Communication on the European Education Area the Commission « is fully committed to achieving the European Education Area by 2025 and calls upon the other European institutions, Member States, the education and training community and all those for whom education matters, to join forces and rejuvenate together the power of education », the Academics, Regulators and Students answer this invitation.

They call indeed for adapting « the European Education Area’s ambition to the challenging situation », and « to ensure that sufficient resources and public interest are allocated to safeguard the high quality education of present and future generations of oral health professionals ».

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