The International Society of Dental Regulators (‘ISDR’) is holding its 5th conference soon in Autumn (5-6 October, London).

New themes emerging in the regulatory landscape will be addressed i.a. by European Dental Regulators from Europe (Portugal, U.K.) and from North-America (Canada). In addition to the regulator’s perspective, the FDI will share its views too on this evolution.

This conference will come at a time of important legislative developments in the EU.

It will come at a time where the C.E.T.A. agreement and its provisions on mutual recognition of professional qualifications should have come into a provisional implementation; it will also come at a time where discussions in European Parliament on the relevance of the draft directive on the Proportionality Test applied to Regulated Professions could come to a conclusion.

It is in this challenging legal context that Europe will host this 5th conference of ISDR.

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